Privacy Policy

Every individual gives priority to the protection of their privacy.
In this regard, TEMPO France applies the following fundamental principles:

  • We ask you to provide only those personal data which are actually required by TEMPO France for the efficient processing of your money transfer requests, and for fulfilling your demands.
  • All your personal data are communicated solely for the purpose of processing your money transfer requests, fulfilling your demands, complying with legislation, developing the services offered by TEMPO France, and protecting the rights of TEMPO France.
  • Your personal data are stored on the servers of TEMPO France solely for the purpose of high-quality execution of the company’s services, including considerable saving of your time, and compliance with the banking regulations applied to the company in regards to the performed money transfers.

TEMPO France issues, manages and operates the following URL-address:

For the purpose of protecting your privacy, in the course of collecting data within the framework of the website operation, TEMPO France complies with the personal data protection policy, which includes the following objectives.

This policy is part of the confidentiality policy, which is provided below in detail.

Visitors to all websites edited by TEMPO France

TEMPO France employs the above-mentioned website for collecting data (not allowing to identify a particular individual), which are similar to those usually collected by search engines and servers, including: a type of a search engine/browser, language preference, location, date and time of the user’s visits, etc.

TEMPO France pursues the following objective within the framework of collecting such information, to better understand the use of its website by visitors. TEMPO France recurrently distributes data (not allowing to identify a particular individual), in the form of consolidated information, for example, by publishing a report on trends revealed by use of the company’s websites.

In addition, TEMPO France collects data, which allow for ultimately identifying an individual, including the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of those users who visit the website by logging in.

Disclosure by TEMPO France of data on those users who log in, and their IP-addresses, complies with the below-stated policy with regard to the more-general processing of personal data.

Personal data collection

Certain visitors to the website edited by TEMPO France, prefer interacting with TEMPO France in such a way that TEMPO France encounters difficulties by collecting their personal data. The scope and typology of the data collected by TEMPO France depends on the nature of the interaction.
TEMPO France asks those who use the services offered by the company – for example, by executing money transfer requests – to provide additional data (such as, personal and financial data) required for the high-quality execution of these services.

In any case, TEMPO France asks to provide only the required or corresponding data to achieve the objective pursued by the user, within the framework of its interaction with TEMPO France.

TEMPO France discloses personal data only in the below-stated method. Visitors can refuse to provide their personal data under the condition that, in this case, they would not be able to use some offered services.

Use of personal data for performing money transfers

TEMPO France uses your personal data solely for executing your money transfer request, for settling any and all issues which may arise when processing your request, for preventing fraudulent and illegal actions, as well as for achieving other objectives, provided that you have given corresponding consent, or that it is authorized and/or stipulated by law.

TEMPO France stores your personal data in databases which meet the regulatory and legal requirements applied to money transfers. Besides, TEMPO France  can also store information for managing its services, including within the framework of its relations with you, for conducting internal research, and for implementing its advertising campaigns.

Consolidated statistics

TEMPO France can collect statistics in relation to the behavior of the website’ visitors. TEMPO France can post these data openly and provide them to any third persons. However, TEMPO France discloses personal data only by those methods that are stipulated in this document.

Protecting certain personal data

Taking into account the provisions relating to those data you agreed to provide to TEMPO France, the latter resolves to voluntarily disclose your personal data (or all other data, which can potentially allow for your identification) solely to its employees, authorized agents, corresponding payment establishments, counterparties and/or other affiliated persons, who: (1) need this data for ensuring, at the expense of TEMPO France, that your request will be processed, or that you will be provided with available services via the TEMPO France network; and (2) shall not disclose this data to any third persons, except those mentioned above.

These above-mentioned employees, authorized agents, corresponding payment establishments, counterparties and/or other affiliated persons, may be located beyond your state of residence. By using the services offered by TEMPO France, you agree to transfer your personal data to them.

TEMPO France does not lease or sell personal data, or any other information, which allows for identifying an individual. In case TEMPO France receives a subpoena, or a judicial verdict, or a decision by another state body, or a decision by any controlling body, TEMPO France may have to disclose personal data or information, which allows for identifying an individual, to the extent TEMPO France fairly believes such a disclosure is necessary for the purpose of protection of the assets and rights of TEMPO France, or any third persons, and/or the general public.

In case you are a registered user of the services offered by TEMPO France (via online-registration on one of its website), and, in this regard, you provided your e-mail address and phone number, TEMPO France can send you an e-mail or a text message on a recurrent basis to inform you about new products, to call you to take a particular action, or simply to notify you on TEMPO France’s current activities and its services. This type of communication will occur as seldom as possible, and only when absolutely necessary, so as not to infringe on your personal space.

In case you send a request to TEMPO France (for example, by e-mail to our Customer Support Service, or via a specific button), TEMPO France serves the right to post your request for the purpose of clarifying the type of request, or answer to it openly, to simultaneously resolve the problems of other users who may ask the same questions.

TEMPO France takes all reasonable precautions to prevent any unauthorized access, use, change or deletion of personal data and/or any other information which may allowing to identify an individual.


A cookie file is a set of data stored on the device of the website’s visitor, and transferred to the website by the web-browser every time the user re-visits there. It is meant solely for managing the user’s internet session, for registering their preferences, and tracking their actions.

This practice does not actually imply any intentions of illegal interference into your private digital life, but which, nevertheless, allows for storing a certain amount of data on your requests for a relatively long term. This data is sent back to the website, which can update them with every new request.

TEMPO France uses cookies for identifying and tracking the actions of its users, their use of its websites, and their preferences when accessing the website. By accessing TEMPO France’s website, you automatically give your consent to use TEMPO France’s cookies for a year, starting from your first visit, taking into account that: this practice is required solely for duly providing services offered by TEMPO France, including money transfer services executed according to the user's express request.

Those visitors to the website, who are not willing to use cookies, should configure their web-browsers in such a way that cookies will be disabled in advance, before they visit the website. However, the user risks subsequently being obliged to allow numerous exceptions, in particular, in the course of executing money transfer requests; in this regard, the user will be unable to access certain requested services, or will encounter considerable problems, which can lead to failure, or otherwise non-performance, of the requested money transfers.

Transfer of your data as an assignable asset to any third person

In case TEMPO France, or most of its assets, shall be sold, or TEMPO France ceases its operation (voluntary liquidation) – which is more probable – or is forced to shut down its business (winding-up by the court), users' data are regarded as an asset to be assigned to a third person, irrespective of its being a member of the European Union, or acquired by such a third person.

You acknowledge that such a transfer may occur and, in advance, you authorize any successor of TEMPO France to continue using your personal data in accordance with this policy.

Advertisements and commercial partners

Any advertisements posted on TEMPO France’s website are offered to users by its commercial partners, who can embed any links to other websites, and cookies into them.

Their cookies allow an advertising server to recognize your device every time you view their advertisements, and accumulate data related to you and other users of your device. This information allows advertising networks to offer you target advertising (i.e. advertising of products and services which reflect your interests, to the highest possible extent).

This policy of data protection is applied to the use of cookies by TEMPO France, and in no case refers to the use of cookies by any of TEMPO France’s commercial partners.

In addition, TEMPO France is not responsible for the content of the websites of its commercial partners, as well as for their use of cookies. TEMPO France also assumes no responsibility for any possible issues related to security, viruses or exchange of e-mails beyond the website registered by TEMPO France.
In case of any inquiries and/or queries relating to the websites of commercial partners, please contact the administration or owner of said website directly.

Changes to the confidentiality policy

Although changes can be minor, TEMPO France reserves the right to review its policy on personal data protection at any time. In this case, any amendments will take effect immediately upon approval, unless otherwise expressly stated.

Such changes are made at the sole discretion of TEMPO France and posted in real-time mode. Hence, the company asks its visitors to periodically review this page, so as to be aware of any changes to the policy.

The fact that you continue using this website after the simultaneous enactment of any change to the policy of personal data protection, will be regarded as your consent to said change.

Deleting or correcting personal data

Any data collected by TEMPO France is used exclusively for the purpose of performing money transfers, and transferred through secured servers and software only to corresponding payment establishments selected by its customers for transferring their funds. Some payment establishments are located beyond the European Union and receive such data in the form of: a full name, an address, a phone number, passport number and other data, which allow for identifying the customer and the recipient they specify.

To protect its personal data, TEMPO France ensures that: either the states, to which data are sent, should provide a sufficient level of protection – which is equivalent to the level of the European Union – or a corresponding payment establishment should comply with the Safe Harbor program of the United States of America, or EU-U.S. data protection initiative (the so-called "Privacy Shield"), or a contract between TEMPO France and a payment establishment should contain a provision on personal data protection, as well as certain penalties in case this data protection level is insufficient. In the latter case, TEMPO France submits an application with regards to a payment establishment, to the National Data Protection Commission (CNIL), and obtains its authorization to transfer data.

In accordance with Art. 39, and the following articles of the Law of France No. 78-17, dated January 6, 1978, as amended, on Device Science, Data Bases and Civil Liberties, any individual can obtain any information related to them and, as the case may be, amend it or demand deletion of these data by contacting TEMPO France’s Customer Support Service, by one of the following methods:

By phone:
+33 (0) 1 44 83 94 28
10 am - 20 pm, Mon - Sat, except holidays

By e-mail:
To send your request, please, open "Contact" section and use a specially provided form where you should enter your specific type of request.
Or send an e-mail to the following address:

By courier:
89 Boulevard Magenta - 75010 Paris (France)

By personally visiting the agency:
Agence TEMPO - 89 boulevard de Magenta - 75010 Paris (France)

Taking into account the above-mentioned specifications of the confidentiality policy declared and implemented by TEMPO France, you fully agree that: your personal data will be subject to processing for the following purpose, and, in particular, that said data will be transferred beyond the European Union to any other state, including, but not limited to, any states located in the following geographical areas: South America, Africa and South-Eastern Asia.

To obtain more detailed information on TEMPO France, please, visit "Legal Provisions" and "Client Agreement - General Provisions".

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