Send money with Tempo

For your loved ones...for a better life

Why Tempo?

With a locally based headquarters in Paris, France and a registered branch in Frankfurt, Germany, we act fast to ensure our pricing, foreign exchange rates and customer service remains highly competitive with the local market. For agents, we make decisions locally and avoid the bureaucracy and management layers typically found with the big money transfer companies. Furthermore, Tempo is licensed and supervised by the ACPR, Banque de France. Finally, we understand you are sending more than money! Because family is what is important and we have the tools, network and technology to deliver only the best service.

Global MoneyTransfer

Send money worldwide with Tempo, to your loved ones, with the best customer service and reliability! Tempo has thousands of partner pay-out locations worldwide so there is always an agent close to you and your relatives. We are working constantly to expand our geographic payout coverage and consistently monitor the quality of our network to ensure you receive the best service.

Fast & Reliable

Tempo’s up-to-date systems and technology ensures fast and secure transactions! We are constantly improving so we can offer you more choices and the best rates. Our dedicated team is available to help you, as we believe when it comes to your money transfer that “your tranquillity is our responsibility!”

Competitive Rates

Tempo offers our customers the best and we understand you want the most out of your foreign exchange. Our dedicated brokers are here, working to obtain the highest rates in the market. We wake up early to lock in the best daily rates for you.

Send money with Tempo
for your loved ones...for a better life

€ 800 to Ivor (Russia) € 700 to Chang (China) € 900 to Yoko (Japan) € 1200 to Karen (Australia) € 800 to Maruti (India) € 700 to John (Kenya) € 500 to Alicia (Nigeria) € 1200 to Pablo (Brazil) € 700 to Rob (Suriname) € 700 to Alison (USA)